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Guidelines for Wellbeing in Junior Cycle May 2016

The draft Guidelines for Wellbeing in Junior Cycle are out for consultation until the end of June.ncca logo
NCCA , through SurveyMonkey, is keen to hear from as many teachers, Principals and Deputy Principals as possible.
It would be much appreciated if you would log onto NCCA website and respond to the survey
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The Student Voice

We need to let students speak & we need to listen to them very carefully!

In this edition of Leader we want to celebrate the Student Voice. We want to give a platform to young people and to reflect as many of their talents, their concerns and their needs as we can.

In twenty or so pages we cannot hope to capture the rich diversity of the Student Voice, but we will give it ‘our best shot’.

We’re starting with Dr. Paula Flynn of the School of Education in Trinity College, Dublin. Paula has dedicated her entire study and research to be an advocate of children’s rights. They relate particularly to the rights of young people to be heard and to ‘have their say.’ We have an age-old tradition in education of ‘knowing what’s best for our students’. Now we need to develop a ‘culture of listening.’

The second piece is drawn from the contribution by three members of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union [ISSU] to the recent NAPD Symposium, which was primarily about mental health and wellbeing. The students want to speak and they want to be heard. They have an impressive level of certainty about their needs and their capacity to take responsibility. They were polite; they were articulate, but I think that, as they grow in confidence, their voices will become more urgent and more strident. We cannot afford to ignore them!

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Leader Preview

It should have been a great year. We’ve celebrated our Centenary with much dignity and restraint and we’ve reached a satisfactory – if underwhelming - level of reflective revisionism.

We’ve seen our President do us proud as a man of gravitas and philosophical wisdom, constantly reminding us of the ideals towards which we should aspire….…. and we’ve even seen David Mullins ‘rule the world’ at Aintree.

Yet almost two months after the General Election the ship of state drifts inexorably on towards the rocks, with squabbling on the bridge, tussling over who takes the wheel,  no-one in command in the engine room and our education system, amplifying its angst through the Easter conferences, with its own share of tragedy and triviality, wafting slowly onwards.

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April Leader

The Leader - April Edition Now available in hard copy and online for members in the publications section.



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