With the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world, your employees are likely to be spending significantly more time online. But the overwhelming amount of news coverage surrounding the virus has created a new risk…


With large numbers of employees working from home, cyber criminals are taking advantage of the disruption, capitalising on the uncertainty to scam suspecting employees into handing over sensitive data and money. Bogus callers, fake online stores and online and telephone frauds are just some of the scams that the general public should be wary of.


But what scams should each employee in your organisation be aware of?

In this FREE article, we have pulled together information and resources to keep you up to speed on the types of scams out there during this uncertain period, examples of online scams (what has been in the news and what a scam looks like).
More importantly, we will provide you with tips on how to protect yourself and your employees.


Protecting Data when Home Working eLearning Course

With most organisations suddenly having remote working thrust upon them, what are you doing to protect your employees, customers and reputation? Compliance around data and data protection for remote workers is very important.

This is why we created a 30-minute course enabling all employees to know how to protect themselves and your organisation.

What does this course cover?

+ Why data protection is important
+ The law relating to data protection
+ What is cyber security
+ How to protect your organisation from a cyber attack
+ What to do if you discover a data breach

The standard rate of this course is €40 per staff member, however, given these exceptional times, we have reduced the price of this course to €10 per staff member (for a limited time only).
If you wish to discuss your training options, feel free to contact Debbie Wilson.
+ Debbie Wilson
eLearning Client Executive
Email: debbie@legal-island.com
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