NAPD celebrates Gaisce’s 35th Anniversary with ‘Bulbs For Bees’

NAPD celebrates Gaisce’s 35th Anniversary with ‘Bulbs For Bees’


NAPD would like to thank every member who has helped Gaisce – The President’s Award spread the word about the Award’s 35th anniversary in Ireland by taking part in #BulbsForBees campaign – the largest pollination initiative ever seen in Ireland – and it’s still growing….pun intended!


To date, over 600,000 bulbs have been distributed nationwide.


If you would like to take part and secure bulbs, you can purchase some in the coming days and over this weekend at your local garden centre. Make sure to check before purchase that the bulbs are pollinator-friendly, as they are the ones we need to plant to support the wild bee population across Ireland into Spring 2022.


We are encouraging everyone now to ensure that the bulbs you have to hand are planted before next Thursday, 21st of October, and also to make sure you sign up for your special commemorative Gaisce Award certificate.


So make sure to:

  1. Plant your pollinator friendly bulb: this is a no-waste campaign!
  2. Post on your social media, tagging @GaisceAward and using #BulbsForBees, and you could win a wonderful prize pack!
  3. Submit a photo of planting your bulbs to the photo competition – by next Thursday, October 21st [all ages and individuals from all locations in Ireland can submit]
  4. Sign up for your very special commemorative Gaisce certificate now.


President Michael D. Higgins has issued a special note of thanks to all who participated so far:


“The provision of a diverse assortment of flowering plants, which will encourage native species in our landscape, is yet another important action in our work to conserve our environment in all its diversity. By planting a pollinator friendly bulb this Autumn, you will be making your own significant contribution to this important work, and to enabling the urgent change that we must achieve for our generations and generations to come. I thank all those who will partaking in this special Gaisce challenge and who, by doing so, make a profound statement of their real desire to protect the life we share on this planet.


This campaign has been possible with support from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, as well as An Post and the Irish Local Development Network.


Gaisce is by it’s mission a self-development organisation supporting young people between 14-25 across Ireland to dream big, and realise their potential. On this occasion, Gaisce wanted to celebrate the mark these young people have positively had on society by stepping up on climate change and sustainability as an organisation – because they demand it and we know we can all play our part.




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