Tomorrow 11th Dec is #GRMA Day

Tomorrow is #GRMA day

Since schools had to close their doors last March and move overnight to online learning and teaching and then reconfigure and adapt themselves to allow safe reopening, each and every member of the school community have had to put their shoulder to the wheel. Our school leaders have led this change and coordinated the efforts throughout. Our Teachers, SNAs, office staff, caretakers, cleaners, students, parents and all others who work in schools have all given the extra required to make this happen. Our schools are open and are operational.

On Day Friday 11th December 2020 our country wants to acknowledge this effort by our school communities.

It is hoped that sometime around 11.00 on Friday that your school community can take the time to view a video collage from a selection of those who want to thank you and your school community. The link to the video which includes tributes from President Higgins, the Taoiseach and many other leading figures in politics, sport, education and the media will be ready at 1.00pm and is available to either live stream or download from the following locations.


Many other will add their voice of gratitude on social media under the hashtag of #GRMA. Some have chosen to use radio to say “go raibh maith agaibh”, some the TV and others in the print media.

Please share your story on which ever platform you are comfortable with. If using social media please use #GRMA. Let’s make this a special day, a to remember when the efforts made by your school community are acknowledged and appreciated. This special day of appreciation is thanks to the work of the NAPD Corporate Advisory Board.