Important notice for all users of


Dear colleague, after many years of successful development and use of NAPD has decided in partnership with IPPN, to move to a new platform from which to operate. This platform will reside on under the dropdown menu of Sub Seeker, will be known as Sub Seeker and will be run by

In order to facilitate this transition, we are respectfully asking you to register for this service by clicking on the link provided and following the registration link. While will continue to operate until Christmas the portal will be withdrawn from service before the resumption of school in January 2020.

Please be advised that while the substitution service will now be provided on a different digital platform and by a different provider, it will continue to be a free service to both schools and substitute teachers. The new system will operate in a similar manner to NAPD and wish to thank all who have made the service a success over the last number of years extend you our best wishes to you for the future. Statistics 05/12/2019
Available substitute teachers 270

Declared as unavailable/in employment this week 392

Total Active in the last week 662

Availability unknown 452

Total Subs/after purge 1114

Total registered sub teachers 2683


Total teaching positions created/and recorded 7148.