Laptop Provision



COVID-19 restrictions are requiring many thousands of students to study remotely at this time. With most of the global education and workforce population also operating remotely, this is placing unprecedented demand on laptop supply chains globally.

In order to ameliorate this laptop supply situation for schools, it is proposed to aggregate procurement of some laptops under a centralised bulk provisioning process. The generation of a bulk order will enable the Department to prioritise this order with DELL, and so expedite delivery over and above timelines that are generally available. DELL are committing to process this Education sector bulk order as a high-priority, second only to Health and Emergency Services customers.

This bulk provisioning process will be facilitated by HEAnet via a procurement framework which has been established by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP).

While provisioning shall be processed centrally, schools will contract directly with DELL. The school should raise a PO number for their order. DELL will raise an invoice on your school and ship to your nominated school location.  ETB administration offices may order centrally for their schools. One entry of the form should be completed per delivery location. ETBs may use one PO number for multiple delivery addresses. ETBs typically complete one NAGSF for all their schools. NAGSF’s should be completed for those who have not already signed one for the HEAnet drawdown.

Prompt receipt of your school laptop orders is a prerequisite to initiating a bulk order and we would encourage you to place your order at the following webform as soon as practical. As soon as the prerequisite order size is met the first orders will be placed. Please see the attached spreadsheet SchoolDevices.xlsx for specifications and pricing.

DELL expect to deliver these in 16 calendar days from the order date. In the worst-case scenario, component constraints may bring this to 20 calendar days for i5 processor and 30 calendar days for 4 cell batteries. In that instance, HEAnet will order three cell batteries instead of four cell batteries if this expedites the order process. The cost reduction is €5 + VAT per device switching from four cell to three cell batteries.

Copy of Copy of HEAnet_DELL__Devices