Leadership – PDST


The Misneach Programme of Induction for newly appointed principal teachers delivered through the PDST has provided professional development and support for principals over the past 10 years.

The programme assists principals in “walking the tightrope” of the induction to principalship and affords them the opportunity to develop as a school leader in their own school.

The Misneach Programme is offered via a blend of residential modules, local support settings, mentoring and online support. It is funded by the Department of Education and Skills.  Misneach is designed and delivered by a team of experienced school leaders

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Tánaiste is a leadership-training programme for newly appointed Deputy Principals/Acting Deputy Principals which commences in August and concludes in the September of the following academic year.

The programme aims to support Deputy Principals over the course of their first year as senior school leaders. The Tánaiste programme Team is dedicated to growing participants’ knowledge and confidence as well as key leadership skills and dispositions which will help to sustain them in their new roles.

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This programme is a leadership development programme for experienced school principals, deputy principals and two positional leaders who work together as a leadership team for the duration of the course.

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