NAPD head congratulates Leaving Cert students, issues guidance on new grading system

The director of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD), Clive Byrne, has congratulated Leaving Certificate students receiving their results today.

“On behalf of everyone at the NAPD, I would like to offer my congratulations to every student receiving their results this morning. Special commendation is due for the students who aimed for certain grades, studied hard and got them.

“Of course, while today marks the end of an important chapter of your life, the Leaving Cert does not determine the rest of it. Even if you haven’t received the results you would have preferred, the option is there to repeat, or to pursue further education as an alternative or a stepping stone to third-level study at college.”

The Class of 2017 are the first to have their exams marked with a new grading system with eight, rather than fourteen, score bands. Whereas previously students were graded using a numbered ‘ABC’ system, going forward Leaving Cert exams will be graded on a 1-8 scale.

A Higher-level exam that receives 90-100 percent, for example, will be graded ‘H1’, while an Ordinary-level exam that receives the same mark will be graded ‘O1’, and so on.

“The new grading system removes some of the ambiguity and pressure of the previous one, and encourages students to take Higher-level subjects. However, because it’s the first year of this system there may be some confusion about what it means for students and the CAO points system. I would encourage students and parents who have queries about it to consult the State Examinations Commission website or call the National Parents Council dedicated exam helpline on 1800 265 165,” said Mr Byrne.