NAPD is looking for approximately 10 experienced Deputy Principals to join its current team of volunteers who are involved with Group Mentoring.

It is hoped that by September 2022, there will be two Deputy Principal Mentors in each of the nine NAPD regions. This will allow all new deputies in a region to have access to four group mentoring sessions a year and will give them an opportunity to network within their region.


What is the structure of the Group Mentoring?

Depending on the region, and the number of new deputies each year, there will be approximately 4-8 deputies in each group.

The Mentor and the new deputies gather in Education Centres/Hotels in the region and normally begin with a lunch followed by a 2-hour meeting.

It is hoped that the two mentors in each region will work together to arrange and participate in the group sessions.

The sessions will normally take place in early October, Late November, Early February, and in April. These dates may vary depending on the region and on school calendars.


Who should apply?

If you have a wish to mentor new colleagues, share some of your experience, and want to empower them in their roles, you should consider applying for this role. It is preferred that mentors would have spent at least four years as deputy principal. Experience in previous mentoring would be an advantage but is not necessary for the role.


How will I be supported?

There will be a training session arranged on June 20/21st in Portlaoise. Overnight accommodation will be organised for the night of the 20th. There will also be an online training session in September 2022. Once you become a trained NAPD mentor you will be supported in your role by the NAPD Mentoring Co-Ordinators Mary Keane and Máire Ní Bhróithe (

There will be an annual professional learning event and a twice-yearly virtual check-in with you also.


How do I apply?

Click here to complete the form and you will be contacted in late April. Only two mentors are required in each region. This may mean that we will not be in a position to train all applicants. Or scan the QR Code below:














Who do I contact if I have any queries?

Please email Mary and Máire at the following e-mail address:


Closing Date:  Friday 25th March 2022