Notice of Sectoral Meetings 2023

To note you must be a fully paid NAPD Member to attend the NAPD Regional and Sectoral Meetings. 

To attend the NAPD AGM you must be a fully paid NAPD Member and also have registered and paid for the NAPD Conference October 2023. 

Education and Training Board Tuesday 3rd of October 10AM – 10:45AM
Voluntary Secondary Tuesday 3rd  of October 11AM – 11:45AM
Community & Comprehensive Tuesday 3rd  of October 12PM – 12:45PM

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Nomination Forms



  1. Nomination of Sectoral Representatives for National Executive

We must nominate one Principal and one Deputy Principal from each sector for the National Executive. If you are interested, please complete the attached nomination form.

  1. Current issues

Issues that are relevant to your sector that can direct the work of NAPD Executive over the year ahead.

  1. Updates

Delivered by Director Paul Crone and Deputy Director Rachel O’Connor

  1. A.O.B.

Reports from Sectoral Meetings 2022

Reports from sectoral meetings 2022

ETB Sector

  • Concern about the role of the ETB as compliance and accountability officer and how resources are allocated to schools from the ETB. Schools are not given enough administration support to complete the required work.
  • Many ETBs add to the schools administrative workload unnecessarily and the audit culture is stifling educational provision.
  • ETB schools need to be given some autonomy to respond to immediate and specific school based needs. The recruitment structures in ETBs are restrictive on schools.
  • PPOD and VSware need to sync to reduce duplication of work.
  • Response required from the DoE to the substitute teacher crisis.
  • PLC Colleges to be included in campaign for administrative support.
  • Audits are becoming very frequent and very often with little notice.
  • P2P is very cumbersome and a cause of stress for Principals.
  • Cover for Principals and Deputies for Parental and other leave is needed immediately, relying on goodwill is not sufficient.

Voluntary Sector

  • Differences in centrally allocate funding, schools need parity of funding, to retain their flexibility and autonomy which is being slowly eroded.
  • Teacher recruitment is at crisis point. Quality of teachers being hired is also a cause of concern for the future.
  • Growing attack on faith schools is a concern.
  • Attack on single sex education settings is also a concern. Mutual respect between schools, school types and education partners is required.
  • Unsustainability of the school leader role with the increased administrative burden.
  • Filling of temporary PORs from a panel.

Community & Comprehensive Sector

  • Administrative workload. Need for administrative support, need for additional Deputy Principals. All schools should have a full ex-quota DP and lower the threshold for DPs.
  • Teacher supply is at crisis point.
  • Supporting Ukranian students. Access to school transport and schools funding the transport being refunded by the DoE.
  • Access to EAL training and support for schools.
  • Increase in cyber related issues impacting on schools. Investigating these is a huge burden on schools.
  • Access to NEPS support. Increasing number of schools are off service with NEPS.