Report on Welfare Committee meeting – 25th February, 2021

Report on Welfare Committee meeting – 25th February, 2021


Initial contact has been made with Philip Riley and a provisional arrangement has been made for online meeting with him in early March 2001.


Meeting discussed the feedback and responses received from members in relation to issues of concern.


It was agreed that the Committee would review what might be reasonably expected of Principals and Deputy Principals to ensure good and safe working conditions in line with legislative requirements.


Feedback indicated that the use of online regional meetings was developing a sense of collegiality among members; that there was a very good collaborative sharing of ideas and knowledge and that this was enhanced by the fact that the Director and/or the Deputy Director and/or the President could and did attend these meetings.


Membership identified that there was a need for a greater level of engagement and consultation by all the educational partners (DES; Management Bodies, Unions, SEC, etc.) with school leaders at ground level. It was agreed that the use of online focus groups would greatly assist with this process – matter to be followed up by Head Office.


Feedback indicated that the Regional Ambassadors initiative was a great source of support as it gave school leaders the opportunity to sit down with the ambassadors in their own offices and share their concerns and know that these concerns would be made known to the Directors and National Executive. It was agreed that this initiative should be revived as soon as circumstances allow.


The frequency and workload attaching to BoM meetings was discussed in light of feedback received and it was agreed that the Chair and Director would do some additional work in relation to this issue.


Committee agreed to investigate the possibility of providing professional supervision to members to support them in their work roles


The setting up of a confidential non-directive telephone support service for members was welcomed and was perceived as a significant and essential development in supporting individual school leaders to carry out the demands of their role in the context of a sustainable work-life balance.


Meeting updated about NAPD Conference in April 2021 and It was agreed that a subcommittee would work to identify facilitators for well-being and welfare workshops and a possible key note speaker.