Resources for Supporting Children with Additional Needs during the COVID-19 Closure Period

Dear colleagues,

Over the last week, our colleagues at UCC reached out to NAPD offering their support during this extraordinary time.

Thank you to Dr. Fiona Chambers for contacting our members in Region 7 and agreeing to share the insights and expertise of colleagues in the Education Department in University College Cork.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following for agreeing to share ideas and resources with us:

Dr. Kevin Cahill and Dr. Dan O’Sullivan – Supporting our learner with SEN.

Dr. Brian Murphy – Supporting our learners with SEN.

Sarah Thelan – Tips for our teachers on using Microsoft teams and our students (this is available to Third Level students in UCC.)

Thank you to Kieran Golden for his contribution in collaboration with UCC and facilitating the distribution of these valuable resources.

Remote Teaching and Learning for Students with AEN


Some additional Information from the instructional designers in UCC

Microsoft Teams: (here) and General teaching online: Keep Teaching page.