State Examinations Commission Leaving Certificate Oral Language Examinations 2021 Guidance to School Management

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to school management and teachers for the planning, organising, carrying out and recording of the 2021 Leaving Certificate oral interviews. In addition to this school guidance document, there are language-specific sets of instructions for the teachers who will carry out the interviews, which will issue separately.

The procedures to be followed include those detailed in the body of this Guidance document and in the Appendices. Particular attention is drawn to Appendix 1 – Technical information in relation to the recording of the interviews.

The documentation and materials referred to in this document, to facilitate the conduct of the 2021 orals, will issue to schools in advance of the commencement of the oral interview window on 26 March.


SEC_Orals_Guidance to school management Final – Full document to download