Strategic review Questionnaire

Dear School Leader,

As the new Director in NAPD I want to try to connect with and harness the views of the membership. I have spoken in more detail at the Regional meetings about the process of the strategic review to inform the strategic direction of NAPD over the coming 5 years and your views are vital to this process. I would like to encourage as many school leaders as possible to complete this questionnaire which will take about 15-20 minutes. It may appear that you have given your views before in these areas, but I ask that you please take the time to complete the questionnaire as this information will give us up to date opinions to reinforce the NAPD mandate on behalf of the members

All data collected in the questionnaire is anonymous and will be used for the purpose of informing the NAPD strategic plan and in the formulation of NAPD policy, positions and views to ensure the NAPD voice is strategically aligned to the views of the membership. The questionnaire is divided into 3 sections,


Section 1: General information

Section 2: Opinions/ views on NAPD

Section 3: Evaluation of the effectiveness of Distributed Leadership Supports


The link to the questionnaire is below:


I ask that you fill this survey in by return but it will remain open until Friday 22nd October 2021.

As discussed at the regional meetings, the NAPD strategic review will focus on the development of the association in 4 main areas that are represented in the graphic below.


I want to thank you for your participation in this process and I am confident you will see the development of NAPD over the next 5 years in line with the information that we are collecting now.

Kind regards

Paul Crone