It is with great pleasure that I publish the report from the NAPD Symposium 2022, “Senior cycle Reform – Carpe Diem”. This report creates the roadmap for successful delivery of the new Senior Cycle for students and it captures the voices of the stakeholders, the policy makers, the influencers, the practitioners and most importantly the students. I would like to thank Mr John Walshe for his counsel, his expertise, experience and his ability to capture the essence of the symposium. I would like to thank our presenters, Mt Dalton Tatton, Dr Niall Muldoon, Professor Anne Looney and Professor Selina McCoy for their insights and their ability to stimulate rich discussions. I thank all the participants in the Symposium, both in person and remote who contributed to those rich discussions that has led to this fruitful document.

Our collective challenge now, in the aftermath of the publication by the Minister of the NCCA advisory report, is to oversee the delivery of Senior Cycle Reform that is student centred and equity based that serves the current and future needs of our students. This challenge is one that NAPD willingly accepts and we look forward to working tirelessly to ensure our world class education system remains, innovative, progressive and is the exemplar of best practice by international standards.

We continue, as always, to welcome your input and opinions, we look forward to working with the advisory group and the stakeholders to oversee this important transition and we are confident that working together we can deliver for our students.

Ar aghaidh le cheile

Paul Crone

Director, NAPD