WWGS Symposium for School Management 2020

November 11th 2020 9.30am

Register here: https://forms.gle/SwrehZ33qZpvzYH87

This WWGS Symposium is for Principals, Deputy Principals and Board members of Post-Primary Schools who have a Global Citizenship Education Programme or are interested in having a Global Citizenship Education Programme in their school. It will be a dynamic morning of learning and networking. It is essential to attend if you are in receipt of WWGS Grant Funding.



The purpose of the event is to help school management to gain a better understanding of Global Citizenship Education (GCE), to explore how GCE can align with school culture and ethos and to reflect on how GCE can help foster the vision and ethos of each individual school.


  • To understand the value that GCE can bring to your schools in this current context
  • To gain a better understanding of Global Citizenship Education (GCE)and how it can be implemented in schools
  • To facilitate dialogue between school management in relation to GCE
  • To understand how GCE can align to schools culture and ethos
  • To understand how best to support teachers and the wider school community in implementing their GCE programme and coordinating a whole-school approach to GCE


 Audience: The audience for the event is primarily principals and deputy principals from post-primary schools across Ireland. The event will be opened to school management bodies such as ETBI and the ACCS. Representatives from key stakeholders, such as the NCCA, PDST and JCT will also be invited to attend. The opening address will be provided by Minister Colm Brophy, Minister of State with responsibility for Overseas Development Aid and Diaspora.