In a normal school year, your thoughts would now be turning to taking a complete break in July. Climb a mountain or jump in a lake, whatever takes your fancy! At the risk of stating the obvious, this year is different.

There is a danger you could find yourself drifting from calculated grades straight into school reopening and the summer could disappear before you know it. 

Now it is understood that there are pressures, like building projects and staff recruitment, but you get the point – at some stage you need to take a complete break. The school will not fall down and it will be there when you return. We in Region 1 would argue that a complete break is essential for school leaders.

So what about taking a complete break in July? We think you should!! And here’s why:

A complete break…….

  • Reduces stress.     
  • Increases creativity.
  • Boosts emotional stability.
  • Makes confidence soar.
  • Improves your intelligence.
  • Improves low moods.
  • Fights colds and infections.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Strengthens Relationships.

When we take a complete break we’re taking care of ourselves, we are looking after our own health and wellbeing. A complete break restores our capacity for work, makes us more positive in our relationships, gives us more energy, and enhances our creativity. Our ability to think clearly and problem solve is improved. We are calmer and more resilient.

Remember what your granny told you –

prevention is the best cure

and taking a complete break

is prevention at its best!

  • In general, tell everyone you are going on a complete break.
  • In particular, agree with the Chairperson, caretaker and secretary that they only contact you in an absolute emergency (or if it’s good news about the lotto syndicate!)
  • Set up your automatic email response. Be clear: emails will not be responded to before a certain date. You will find that people will sort out the problem themselves or await your return…and that’s okay too.

Consider this: if you have a work phone, ditch it!